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On-Site Testing

At Monolith Housing Solutions we can provide you a variety of on-site testing for the Existing homes and new construction projects. Our team is equipped with the most updated technology and all calibrated one for completing your required testing. Our testing service includes:

  • Blower Door Air Tightness

    The blower door tightness test assesses building air leakage by using a fan to measure the air exchange rate, aiding energy efficiency and identifying potential insulation issues.

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Infrared thermal imaging detects variations in surface temperatures to identify heat loss, electrical issues, or insulation gaps, providing a non-invasive tool for energy audits and building diagnostics.

  • Depresurization Test

    Depressurization test uses a fan to assess building air tightness, aiding energy efficiency. Infrared thermal imaging identifies temperature variations for diagnostics, enhancing energy audits.

  • Zone Pressure Diagnostic

    Zone pressure diagnostics assesses air pressure differences within a building, pinpointing areas of leakage or inefficiency. This diagnostic tool enhances energy audits for targeted improvements.

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Our Tests

Our tests are designed to uncover any energy inefficiencies that your home may have. Our evaluations are custom tailored to your home and your specific needs. This includes your home’s structure, age, and size as well as your personal criteria such as financials and hydro usage. The goal of our tests are to seek out anything which is causing your hydro bills to be unneccessary high while also lowering your property value.

At Monolith we believe that by putting the client’s needs first, we can do no wrong. We pride ourselves in having a clear line of communication and taking our clients through every step. This goes from conception to completion.

Blower Door Air Tightness

Blower door test is used to find the level of airtightness of your house. Our professional technician uses a powerful fan to pressurize or depressurize your house upto 50pa. We use a multi-point test to find the Air Change per Hour of your house for energy modeling purposes or finding the heat load. During the test, it could be a good opportunity to find the leakage point while our technician is at your house. Additionally, we can mix up the BDT with thermal imaging to find the leakage easier and faster.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a nondestructive test for finding deficiencies in your house. During this test, our highly trained technician can capture any moisture and temperature differentials which reveal water penetration, condensation and the source of mold problems. Thermal imaging is the best method for air and/or water leak detection for roofs, attics, walls, ceilings, floors, crawls spaces and basements.

Depressurization Test

Depressurization Test is often interchanged with Blower Door Test and/or Airtightness Test. However, we should keep in mind that Depressurization Test assesses the impact from the installed air moving equipment, while Blower Door Test uses a purpose-built fan to assess the building envelope. The reason for conducting this test is to check if there is any risk of Combustion Spillage, Soil Gas Infiltration, and Odur Transfer between units.

Our highly-trained technicians are certified to use different standards including CSA-F326, CGSB 51.71, and CSA-F300 to run this test based on AHJ requests. Give us a call to discuss more about your requirements and a free consultation.

Zone Pressure Diagnostic

Through the Zone Diagnostic Test, we can identify and measure leaks for different zones of a building to make sure there is no connection between living spaces and other zones such as mechanical rooms. Additionally, this test can be used for finding the area with the highest amount of leakage. So, instead of targeting the total air leakage of the house we check the interrelation between zones. Please give us a call for a free consultation and see if this test is beneficial for your project or not.

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Monolith housing promotes a holistic approach to eco-friendly living, seamlessly incorporating renewable energy sources like solar panels and efficient water conservation systems. This integrated design not only reduces environmental impact but also facilitates user-friendly energy monitoring and control, making sustainable living an inherent and accessible feature of monolith housing.

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