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Monolith Housing offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to redefine sustainable living. For new developments, our innovative solutions focus on optimizing energy efficiency through streamlined designs, smart technologies, and renewable energy integration. In existing homes, Monolith specializes in retrofitting strategies, enhancing energy performance and reducing environmental impact. Our expertise extends to heating and cooling systems, employing cutting-edge solutions for optimal comfort and reduced energy consumption. We guide clients in navigating grant funding and rebates, ensuring they maximize financial incentives. Additionally, our energy testing services provide detailed assessments, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions on energy improvements. At Monolith Housing, we are committed to shaping a greener and more efficient future for residential spaces.

Our Services

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New Developments

New developers love working with us because we not only reduce energy usage but also construction costs!

Existing Home

Every home has the potential for monumental energy savings, let us show you how!

Heating & Cooling

whatever the weather, cold or warm, theres plenty of hydro savings to be had!

Grants & Rebates

We ensure that every single one of our clients takes full advantage of all available grants and rebates!

Energy Testing

Our multifaceted energy testing ensures to uncover any and all inefficiencies your home may have!

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